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Here are some of my favourite websites. Of course I'm not responsible for any of the content and so don't necessarily endorse every word in them, but I use these sites a lot.

Amazon - The famous online bookshop

Armadillo - An excellent online review magazine devoted to children's books.

Fame School Spanish Web Site - It has a cool cartoon and loads of interactive things to do including a Fame School song, which has a karaoke version to sing along with. Excellent for any children learning Spanish, and great fun!

Federation of Children's Book Groups - A friendly organization that has groups around the country and administers the Red House Children's Book Award.

NEW Help! I NEED a Publisher! (And Maybe an Agent ...?) - - For you aspiring authors out there, who want advice on how to get published, you could do a lot worse than have a look at this blog by Nicola Morgan. It's full of excellent help.

Kid's Review - Book reviews by kids for kids on a fun, updated website.

SAS akaThe Scattered Authors Society - I'm a member of this group for published children's writers, and I can promise you we don't wear balaclavas, but we do get together now and then for meetings or just for lunch. If you want an author to come and talk to your school or group you might well find one here, or click on any of the SAS members below to get straight into their websites. [See list of sites below]

The British Library - There's lots of information and you can even turn the pages of some of the beautiful old books!

Usborne Books - They publish my Fame School series so of course this is one of my favourite places to go.

Writers in Oxford - It can be very lonely being a writer, but not with organizations like the SAS and WIO. Members of this group are published writers for adults and children, and on every subject you can imagine. We meet in each other's houses, or in local pubs, go to the theatre or to talks in places of interest.

SAS members websites

Jenny Alexander -

Stephanie Baudet -

David Bedford -

Denis Bond -

N M Browne -

Charles Butler -

Anne Cassidy -

Yvonne Coppard -

John Dougherty -

Anne Evans -

Adele Geras

Griselda Gifford -

Gwen Grant -

Meg Harper -

Damian Harvey -

Mary Hoffman -

Mary Hooper -

Julia Jarman -

Alison Leonard -

Elizabeth Lindsay -

Nicola Morgan -

Linda Newbery -

Helena Pielichaty -

Caroline Pitcher -

Susan Price -

Celia Rees -

Enid Richemont -

Katherine Roberts -

Malcolm Rose -

Tabitha Suzuma -

Ruth Symes -

Ann Turnbull -

Jean Ure -

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